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Who me? November 24, 2009

Filed under: Life — Tanya @ 1:29 pm

So, I opened up my email this morning to discover that I have been nominated for this Kreative Blogger award by Jillian, who has a fabulous blog called Welcome to Jillville. Thanks so much Jillian! Once the award is accepted, the nominee has to do the following:

•Thank the sender for nominating you.

•Make sure you link to the person who nominated you.

•Copy the logo onto your blog

•List seven interesting things about yourself.

•Nominate Seven Kreative Bloggers

•Post links to their Blog

•Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination.

So, here’s the part where I list seven interesting things about me…

* I have now been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to think up actual interesting things…and have now given up and you just get 7 random things 🙂

1. Every year I can remember in school, I was always the tallest girl in my class. You could always find me in the back row of school photos.

2. I actually read the directions before attempting something for the first time

3. My favourite meal is escargot, with lots of bread for dipping in all that garlic butter. Mmmmm…

4. I have been with my husband since 1995, married since 2001.

5. I don’t like the heat,unless I am at the beach.

6. There is no point in talking to me when I am reading a good book…I won’t hear you anyway.

7. I am fearless! Okay, that’s probably not true…but I don’t have anything that I would call a phobia anyway.  🙂

OK. Here is my list of nominations for Kreative Bloggers. Check them out!

Lisa at My Cozy Craft Corner

Claudia at Pretty Pressings

Talia at Pieces of Me

Michelle at My Wonderful and Crazy Life

Julie at Starting Now

Jennifer at Pictures & Words

Piradee at The Scrapper in Me

Now, go check them out and leave some nice comments 🙂


One Response to “Who me?”

  1. Jillian Says:

    Hi Tanya! I’m glad you played along! You made me laugh when you said that you sat there for awhile before being able to come up with seven things – I had the same problem!! 🙂 What does that say about us?! We need to give ourselves some credit once in awhile!! 🙂 I enjoyed reading yours – well done!

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